ONE RUN January 2009 – Snowbird, UT – The Cirque Lately I’ve come across a few blogs and articles about how my generation (70’s child) is one of the last to experience a pre-internet life. University days were filled with card catalogue and microfilm library research to pull together an essay. I remember getting my first email address in 3rd year, right about the same … Continue reading timing

a banff classic

ONE RUN January 1998 – Mt Norquay – North American Wandering along Banff Avenue, one could be excused for momentarily forgetting that they are in Canada’s first national park. The abundance of restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and gear shops and the buzz of activity along Banff’s main drag lend a classic ski town vibe. It’s only a skyward glance at the lofty, craggy peaks that … Continue reading a banff classic

spray-kananaskis bikepacking overnighter

This 142 km loop route departs from Canmore and includes a mixed bag of terrain – gravel roads, doubletrack dirt trails, singletrack and a bit of pavement. It’s ideal for someone wanting to dip their toes into bikepacking waters, as it follows fairly well-travelled routes and accesses established campgrounds. There are a few options for food along the way and plenty of water sources. A … Continue reading spray-kananaskis bikepacking overnighter