bicycles i have known

[If you enjoy musical accompaniment, it is recommended that this gem be cued up and enjoyed whilst perusing this story ] It was a spring evening in the late 1970’s in suburban New York when I pedalled for the first time sans training wheels. The bike was red, and had a banana seat, and that’s all I really remember. Oh, and the neighbours daughter, Amanda, was watching, … Continue reading bicycles i have known

gear review: shimano xt pd-t8000 pedals

I ride my Kona Sutra touring bike a lot, mainly as a Canmore-Banff commuter but also for zipping around town for beer runs, groceries, dropping off library books – tasks that really didn’t seem to warrant putting on cleated bike shoes. So from day one I went with a reversible pedal – one side flat, one side SPD – the Shimano A530. Dual-sided pedals seem … Continue reading gear review: shimano xt pd-t8000 pedals

gear review: the delta elasto cargo net

I heart the Delta Elasto Cargo Net. I’ve been using this little fella in combination with various bikepacking seat or handlebar bags to strap random bits of gear – sleeping pad, camp shoes, shell gloves, rain gear, Pringles, etc. The four hooks make it easy to get it tethered to anything hookable and the rubber seems robust and genuinely enjoys being stretched into all sorts … Continue reading gear review: the delta elasto cargo net

gear review: green guru gear hauler saddle bag

A few summers ago I began to piece together various bits of kit to get my Salsa Mukluk set up for some bikepacking trips. A good saddle bag is an integral part of the gear picture and was the one thing I didn’t have…as luck would have it, my name was called at the end of the 2016 Bikepack Canada Summit for a big draw … Continue reading gear review: green guru gear hauler saddle bag


ONE RUN January 2009 – Snowbird, UT – The Cirque Lately I’ve come across a few blogs and articles about how my generation (70’s child) is one of the last to experience a pre-internet life. University days were filled with card catalogue and microfilm library research to pull together an essay. I remember getting my first email address in 3rd year, right about the same … Continue reading timing

a banff classic

ONE RUN January 1998 – Mt Norquay – North American Wandering along Banff Avenue, one could be excused for momentarily forgetting that they are in Canada’s first national park. The abundance of restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and gear shops and the buzz of activity along Banff’s main drag lend a classic ski town vibe. It’s only a skyward glance at the lofty, craggy peaks that … Continue reading a banff classic